In my journey toward financial freedom, I’ve navigated countless finance podcasts. And today, I’m excited to share 5 gems that have significantly influenced my perspective. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just dipping your toes into the world of personal finance, these podcasts offer a wealth of practical knowledge. 
And to make it easy for you, I’ll even suggest the perfect starting point — an episode that encapsulates the essence of each podcast. So, let’s dive into 5 of the best financial podcasts, where money meets actionable insights. 
Ready to transform your commute or workout into a productive session of financial enlightenment? Let’s begin!
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First on the list is my own podcast, “I Will Teach You to Be Rich”. It’s where real money meets real talk. Is this a shameless plug? Yes, but after a decade of blogging, this podcast is my way of putting theory into action with real people, real stories, and, hopefully, real impact.
Named after my New York Times-Bestselling book and the catalyst for my Netflix hit, “How to Get Rich”, this podcast is a dive into the nitty-gritty of financial challenges faced by ordinary people. No vague theories here, just genuine conversations about everyday money problems.
Episodes usually last a little over an hour each and are also posted on YouTube, so you can witness the raw emotions, the hesitant smiles, and the ‘aha’ moments as they happen. So, if you prefer to listen while doing chores or sit down with a pen and snacks in hand, there’s something for everyone here!
For those who want a taste, here are some episodes that hit home for many listeners:
Curious? There’s plenty more on my YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcast channels! 
“Afford Anything” by Paula Pant is not just a podcast; it’s a movement for those ready to take control of their money (instead of the other way around), refuse the conventional 40-year cubicle trap, and embrace a smart, unconventional, and, yes, a little rebellious approach to life.
Rooted in the powerful idea that “You can afford anything, but not everything”, Paula invites listeners into a realm of strategic decision-making, where choices about money, time, and life align with personal values.
This podcast is a guide through the maze of financial decisions, delving into the core questions: How do we make smarter decisions about our money, time, and life? And, equally crucial, how do we mold our daily behaviors to reflect the life we truly want? 
“Afford Anything” explores these inquiries and wanders into fascinating territories like investing, travel, lifestyle design, financial independence, and more. In each hour-long episode, Paula exchanges stories and ideas with industry experts such as Dr. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz in Episode #462: “Cracking The Code Of The Rich”.
In this episode, Paula and Seth challenge society’s fascination with the wealthy, dissecting the media narratives that might mislead us about wealth, status, and the true essence of a rich lifestyle. So, head over to the “Afford Anything” channel and buckle up for a journey that builds not just wealth but a better life.
“Planet Money” by NPR takes listeners on a journey of understanding the forces that shape not only our finances but the very world we live in. In quick, digestible episodes lasting just over 25 minutes, it’s the perfect companion for anyone keen on unraveling the mysteries of the economy and achieving financial stability even when they’re pressed for time.
One standout episode is “The New Biden Plan That Could Still Erase Your Student Loans”. Hosted by Cory Turner, Kenny Malone, Molly Messick, and Emma Peaslee, this episode delves into the intricacies of President Biden’s evolving plan for student loan forgiveness. 
The big idea seemed dead after the Supreme Court’s ruling, but a lesser-known plan called the “SAVE Plan” emerged. Despite its seemingly smaller scale, the episode reveals how this plan might, in the end, wipe out even more student debt. So, if you have (or know people who have) student debt, are short on time, but hungry for insights into the economy and financial stability, “Planet Money” is your shortcut to understanding it all.
If you’ve been around the personal finance block, you’ve probably heard of renowned radio personality, financial expert, and motivational speaker Dave Ramsey. His show “The Ramsey Show” has become a financial lifeline for people who are eager for guidance in personal finance, budgeting, debt management, investing, retirement planning, and the elusive goal of financial independence.
With three episodes released every weekday in convenient 40-minute snippets, this podcast is essentially a gold mine of edited highlights from his radio show. It’s a powerhouse featuring call-in segments, success stories, and special guest appearances from various fields. 
Whether you’re knee-deep in debt or striving for a profound understanding of your finances, Dave and his equally capable co-hosts got you covered. For those who prefer a deep dive into multiple topics, each full episode lasts around two hours and is the perfect companion on your financial journey.
To get a taste of the transformative advice Dave offers, start with these three episodes:
“The Ramsey Show” understands that financial independence begins with wise choices, and Dave Ramsey is here to guide you every step of the way.
Clark Howard, a seasoned expert in personal finance, has been dishing out unbiased advice for over three decades. As a best-selling author and the voice behind a nationally syndicated radio show, Clark has become a trusted name in the realm of financial wisdom.
His podcast, “The Clark Howard Podcast”, is a treasure trove of practical and actionable advice tailored to help you save more and spend less. In each episode lasting around 30 minutes, Clark breaks down complex financial concepts into digestible nuggets, covering everything from breaking news to economic trends. Whether you’re grappling with debt, credit, monthly bills, savings, or retirement, Clark’s got your back with straightforward tips.
For those who want to start a small business but are apprehensive about loaning the money to fund it, the episode “Credit Scores 101 / Smart Borrowing For Small Business” is a perfect place to start. 
To kickstart this transformative phase of your life, I recommend (at the risk of tooting my own horn… again) diving into one of “I Will Teach You to Be Rich’s” more compelling episodes, “We make $113,500. Why do we feel poor?
This one tackles a pervasive issue: the false narratives that often blind us to the long-term consequences of our financial decisions. I sit with Bebe and Paul as we unravel the complexities of their situation, offering not just solutions but a paradigm shift in how they perceive and navigate their financial landscape. 
Feel free to tune in, take notes, and embark on a journey of financial empowerment that will reshape your narrative from feeling stuck to steering confidently towards a more prosperous future. See you there!
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